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CVS Employee Theme Park, Amusement Park, And Water Park Ticket And Admission Discounts

There is nothing more exciting than a visit to a theme park, whether you are taking the family for the very first time or finding new theme parks to visit is something your family does on a regular basis. Places like Disneyworld and Disneyland, SeaWorld, Six Flags as well as water parks, Busch Gardens and more offer opportunities for your family to reconnect and have an amazing day away from the stress of everyday life. can help your employees save money at many different theme parks, museums and activities by simply signing up on the site and accessing the many options available.

At, employees of CVS can find savings on visits to Disneyland and Disneyworld as well as water parks, museums, California Adventure, SeaWorld, Legoland and many, many more locations that have been family favorites for decades. Visit today to see how your next theme park vacation is available at a much lower cost than you expected.

Disney World Discounts

Disney World Discounts on Admission, Tickets and Other Specials for CVS Employees

Disneyworld is the dream vacation for many families, the epitome of a fun, exciting adventure. The home of the famous Mickey Mouse and his friends, Minnie, Goofy, Donald Duck and Pluto, families have enjoyed visiting Disneyworld since it opened in Kissimmee, Florida, in 1971. The park had been a dream of Disney since the early 1960s and it has continued to deliver magic to families since the gates opened. With its four theme parks, including Epcot, Hollywood Studios, Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom as well as its unique Boardwalk area, Disneyworld offers something for every member of your family. As a CVS employee, you can find significant savings simply by signing up for

Disney World Theme Park Discounts Tickets

Disneyland Discounts

Disneyland Discounts on Admission, Tickets and Other Specials for CVS Employees

As an employee of CVS, can help you plan a vacation to Disneyland, the original land of magic, while also saving you money on admission, tickets and more. Since the park opened in 1955, it has been a popular attraction, offering many rides, shows and other attractions that will enchant your entire family. Over 700 million people have visited this iconic park since it opened its gates, and it is still known as the “Happiest Place on Earth.” Walt Disney came up with the idea of Disneyland after taking his children to ride a carousel in a Los Angeles Park. His vision has now grown into one of the most iconic amusement parks in the world.

Discounts on Disneyland

California Adventure Discounts

California Adventure Discounts on Admission, Tickets and Other Specials for CVS Employees

California Adventure opened in 2001, bringing the Disney magic to visitors with the characters they know and love. As an employee of CVS, you can visit California Adventure at a significant savings by signing up for Your family will love riding Grizzly Peak and Soarin’ Around the World. With the savings you will find at, you will be able to use your vacation funds for things that matter, including souvenirs and some of the best food available at a theme park. The little ones in your family will love Goofy’s Sky School and Ariel’s Undersea Adventure. Sign up today and start saving on your next trip to California Adventure.

Discounts on California Adventure

EPCOT Discounts

Epcot Discounts on Admission, Tickets and Other Specials for CVS Employees

Originally known as the Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow, EPCOT was one of Walt Disney’s last greatest visions. He initially saw EPCOT as a place where people would live, work and play, a small city that would highlight the best new technologies and urban planning. Disneyworld was originally known as the “Florida Project” and the original park, which eventually became Magic Kingdom was designed simply to finance EPCOT. However, Disney passed away before the parks could be completed and the company chose to change his vision. Instead, it became a park focused on science and technology. As an employee of CVS, you and your family can enjoy a day at EPCOT at considerable savings simply by signing up for

Discounts on Epcot

Animal Kingdom Discounts

Animal Kingdom Discounts on Admission, Tickets and Other Specials for CVS Employees

Animal Kingdom was created after multiple teams of Imagineers, the people who make things happen at Disney, traveled the globe to view life in the wild. The last of the Disneyworld parks to open, Animal Kingdom’s gates opened in 1998 and was the largest of them all. The park is home to more than 2,000 animals and broken into five areas, including Dinoland, Africa, Asia, Discovery Island and Pandora. Employees of CVS can visit Animal Kingdom as well as Disneyworld’s other three parks at significant discounts simply by signing up for There, you will find savings on admission, tickets and other special events which are available simply be signing up for the service.

Discounts on Animal Kingdom

Hollywood Studios Discounts

Hollywood Studios Discounts on Admission, Tickets and Other Specials for CVS Employees

Originally MGM Studios, Hollywood Studios was the first of Disney’s entry into the movie park industry. The park includes a sample movie set which allows visitors to see how movies are made behind the scenes. Today, rides like the “Rock and Roller Coaster,” “Tower of Terror,” and shows like “Beauty and the Beast,” are very popular attraction that the family of every CVS employee will enjoy. As an employee, you can even save money on your next trip to Hollywood Studios by signing up for On your next trip, focus your money on things that are fun and not admission and tickets.

Discounts on Hollywood Studios

Legoland Discounts

Legoland Discounts on Admission, Tickets and Other Specials for CVS Employees

There is not a child on Earth who has not played with LEGO’s, the adorable plastic connecting blocks that can become almost anything with the right imagination. LEGOLAND brings those little blocks to life with more than 60 rides, shows and attractions. The LEGO NINJAGO ride is an interactive, technological marvel where you control lighting, shockwaves, ice and fireballs. Ride the Dragon Coaster to watch knights and princesses succeed in their quest or board a real submarine to discover real sea creatures. If your children are obsessed with LEGO’s like most children are, you can save money by signing up for There, you will find savings on tickets, admissions and even some of the park’s special events.

Discounts on Legoland

SeaWorld Discounts

SeaWorld Discounts on Admission, Tickets and Other Specials for CVS Employees

Did you know that SeaWorld was originally planned as an underwater restaurant? Luckily, that concept grew to become a world-class marine zoological park in San Diego. What began with 45 employees, a few dolphins and two saltwater aquariums now consists of three SeaWorld parks in the United States, located in Orlando, Florida, San Diego, California, and San Antonio, Texas. Employees of CVS can now save money on their next visit to any SeaWorld park by signing up for There you will find discounts on events, tickets and admission so you can focus your budget on other things while you are there.

Busch Gardens Discounts

Busch Gardens Discounts on Admission, Tickets and Other Specials for CVS Employees

Busch Gardens was simply a beer garden, offering free beer to visitors as well as a bird show. There was no cost to visit when the garden first opened on the grounds of the Anheuser-Busch beer manufacturing plant. Hundreds of exotic birds filled the garden and birds still roam free in the parks. The gardens slowly grew across the country and the first Busch Gardens opened in Pasadena, California, with another following in Tampa, Florida, soon after. Employees of CVS can access significant savings by signing up for where they will find discounts on everything from admission to special events.

Discounts on Busch Gardens

Six Flags Discounts

Six Flags Discounts on Admission, Tickets and Other Specials for CVS Employees

The first Six Flags, then known as Six Flags Over Texas, opened in 1961 with six-themed sections. Each section was designed after the culture of the six countries whose flags flew over the state during its history. Guests could learn more about the French and Spanish cultures as well as more about cowboys and pirates. Today, there are 27 Six Flags parks with children’s areas, waterparks, thrilling rides and more. As a CVS employee, you can save money on your next Six Flags visit by signing up for Instead of using a big chunk of your budget on tickets or admissions, you can use it to taste some of the delicious foods or shop in the many boutiques you will find while you are there.

Discounts on Six Flags

Universal Studios Discounts

Universal Studios Discounts on Admission, Tickets and Other Specials for CVS Employees

Universal considered opening a theme park for many years before finally developing Universal Studios. One of the delays was that they could not find a partner in the project, eventually reaching out to Paramount. Luckily, Paramount was led by Michael Eisner, who was also the CEO of Walt Disney. Initially, it was felt that a movie-themed amusement park would not be able to compete against DisneyWorld and the project was shelved again. Fast forward to 1986 when Steven Spielberg’s former college roommate, Peter Alexander, who formerly worked as a Disney Imagineer, was developing a King Kong feature for a tram tour in Hollywood. Spielberg asked Alexander to work on his film, “Back to the Future,” while, at the same time, Spielberg’s friend, George Lucas, was working with Disney on the new Star Tours ride. Spielberg challenged Lucas, saying that Universal could not produce a ride of that caliber and Lucas accepted that challenge. What grew out of that challenge was Universal Studios which is now home to the famous Wizarding World of Harry Potter. You and your family can enjoy all the excitement of Universal Studios at a lower cost simply by signing up for

Discounts on Universal Studios

Water Parks Discounts

Waterpark Discounts on Admission, Tickets and Other Specials for CVS Employees

If you need to get away from everything and help your family reconnect, a visit to a waterpark is one of the best ways to do that. Waterparks let you stop being serious as you grab a rubber ring and float down a lazy river. Remove the tie, business clothes and high heels, don a swimsuit and jump in the water. Scream as loud as you can as you hurtle down a giant waterslide. Waterparks even have competitive rides so you can challenge your family to a race or see who can surf the longest. No matter what your reason is for wanting to go to a waterpark, offers significant savings so that you can go, relax and spend quality time with your family.

Discounts on Waterparks