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Disneyland Discounts

Why not plan a trip to where it all began? Disneyland was the first theme park created by Walt Disney and it still has the same magical feel it did when it opened in 1955. Originally known as “Mickey Mouse Park” before becoming “Disneylandia,” the park has seen more than 700 million visitors since it opened the gates. One of the most famous theme parks in the world, you and your family can enjoy Galaxy’s Edge, a Star Wars-themed park, which offers rides like the Rise of the Resistance. Travel through time on the Pirates of the Caribbean or get your adrenaline pumping in the Haunted Mansion. A walk along Main Street leads you to Sleeping Beauty’s castle. Of course, no trip to Disneyland would be complete without a ride on It’s A Small World. In addition to the amazing classic rides, Disneyland offers some of the best dining options as well, including the Red Rose Taverne, Plaza Inn and Café Orleans. There is no question, however, that a trip to Disneyland can be expensive which is why you need to sign up for before your trip. There you will find savings on entry tickets and more.

Discounts on Disneyland

California Adventure Discounts

Opened in 2002, Disney California Adventure is a companion park to Disneyland is a park dedicated to California. The park was designed to resemble EPCOT in Disney World, but instead of a worldwide view, it has sections dedicated to the state. It was also created to expand Disneyland which was boxed in with only 400 acres of land compared to Disneyland’s 30,000 acres. At the park, you can visit the Avengers campus where you team up with superheroes or take a ride on Jessie’s Critter Carousel. The Emotional Whirlwind is another favorite in the park. Some of the can’t miss attractions include the Incredicoaster, Radiator Springs Racers and Soarin’ Around the World. Just like its sister park, Disneyland, Disney California Adventure also offers some of the best dining in the area, including Lamplight Lounge with its waterfront views, Flo’s V8 Café offering comfort food and a lot of fun as well as Carthay Circle Restaurant, featuring Golden Age décor with award-winning meals. Before you head to Disney California Adventure, however, you will want to register for There, you will find many discounts one of the best adventure parks in the country. You can find savings on admission and other attractions within the park.

Discounts on California Adventure

Disney World Discounts

A visit to one of the most popular theme parks in the world is on the bucket list of every child and many adults. Disneyland, the happiest place on Earth, is the land of excitement, adventure, whimsy and fantasy. Travel through Magic Kingdom with Cinderella’s castle in the forefront. Check out the many attractions such as It’s a Small World, Jungle Cruise and the Haunted Mansion. EPCOT lets you gain an understanding of all things science and engineering as well as allowing you to gain an understanding of different cultures. Disney’s Hollywood Studios gives you a behind the scenes look into the movie industry while Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park focuses on the environment, animal and plant life as well as the magic of nature. There are a wide range of dining experiences as well, including Tony’s Town Square Restaurant, Garden Plaza and more. If you are looking for a way to save on your next trip to Disney World, register today for You can find savings on admission as well as other discounts that will make your trip to the famous park more relaxing and enjoyable.

Discounts on Disneyworld

Magic Kingdom Discounts

Magic Kingdom is where fantasy becomes reality and a place of endless enchantment. It is in Magic Kingdom where you will find the Country Bear Jamboree, a fun country music revue with singing bears. Hop on Dumbo the Flying Elephant for a spin or view the Hall of Presidents, a show that traces the history of the United States through the eyes of our leaders. Characters like Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy and all the Disney princesses are available for photos and autographs throughout the park. Of course, a trip to Magic Kingdom should include a ride on some of the most thrilling coasters, including Space Mountain. Practice your skills at protecting the galaxy on Buzz Lightyear’s ride. Be sure to visit Main Street to see Mickey’s Celebration Calvacade and the Disney Festival of Fantasy Parade. Stay late to watch Mickey’s Fantasia before heading to Main Street to see an outstanding light show and fireworks. has many savings available for Magic Kingdom, one of the best amusement parks in the country designed around fantasy and imagination.

Discounts on Magic Kingdom

EPCOT Discounts

Part of Disney World, one of the most popular amusement parks in the world, EPCOT was originally conceived as an experimental planned community which is how it got its name. EPCOT, at the time, stood for Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow. It was supposed to have residential areas, industrial areas, schools and mass transportation that would connect the entire community. After Walt Disney passed away, the concept was changed to an amusement park that would focus on modern innovation. Some of those who created the park wanted the focus to be on innovation while others wanted to showcase international cultures and customs. What evolved is the EPCOT of today which does both. The park is divided into four neighborhoods which include World Celebration, World Discovery, World Nature and World Showcase. It is at EPCOT where the impossible becomes the possible. Here, you can ride Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure, Frozen Ever After and Soarin’ Around the World. Like other Disney parks, EPCOT has outstanding dining options, all with an international flair. The Coral Reef Restaurant allows you to enjoy delicious food surrounded by sharks and other fish. The Connections Eatery offers French, Italian and Asian cuisine. Of course, you definitely want to visit in order to save on the many attractions available in EPCOT.

Discounts on Epcot

Animal Kingdom Discounts

With its focus on nature, Animal Kingdom offers the magic of nature in one of the most interesting amusement parks in the world. The park offers exciting live entertainment including A Celebration of the Festival of the Lion King. Conservation Station lets you see how animators bring characters to life. Encounter animals as you travel along jungle trails on Pandora – World of Avatar or watch your favorite Disney characters during one of the many parades available in the park. As the sun goes down, be sure to check out the Tree of Life as it lights up and the fireflies come out. There is even a high-flying performance, Disney Kite Trails, which feature character-themed kites. Enjoy global cuisine at Tiffins Restaurant or hang out with Donald Duck at the Tusker House Restaurant. Just like with other theme parks, you want to be sure to register for in order to keep your costs low. Saving money with your membership will allow you to enjoy Animal Kingdom without the stress of draining your wallet.

Discounts on Animal Kingdom

Hollywood Studios Discounts

Another of the famous Disney World parks, Hollywood Studios combines amusement parks with the world of Hollywood. Originally known as Universal Studios Florida, Hollywood Studios was easily recognizable when they opened with the Earffel Tower. This iconic structure was the centerpoint of the park until the Sorcerer’s Hat, a giant replica of Mickey’s magical hat in Fantasia, was constructed. Thrill rides like the Rockin’ Rollercoaster and the Haunted Mansion keep your adrenaline pumping. Be sure to take the movie set tour to get an idea of what a real movie set looks like behind the scenes. Sing along with your favorite Frozen characters or take a seat in Mickey Shorts Theater to see an original animated story about Mickey and Minnie. Check out the Pixar Pals Motorcade or get revved up with Lightning McQueen’s Racing Academy. No matter what your favorite attraction at Hollywood Studios, be sure to register for to save as much as you possibly can on your next trip!

Discounts on Hollywood Studios

Typhoon Lagoon Discounts

Not only does Disneyworld have some of the best dry attractions, it also offers one of the best water parks in the world. Typhoon Lagoon gives your family plenty of water-related fun. Ride the waves in the surf pool or take a plunge on a roller coaster water slide, the Crush ‘n’ Gusher. If whitewater rafting is more your speed, hop on the Miss Adventure Falls. If you have little ones with you, visit Ketchakiddee Creek, a fun water playground with smaller-sized slides, water cannons and more. Dining is definitely beach themed with the Leaning Palms offering hearty meals and snacks or indulge your sweet tooth with Happy Landings Ice Cream. Adults can relax by the pools with specialty drinks, beer or wine from Let’s Go Slurpin’. Typhoon Lagoon also offers an after hours glow party. You can even reserve your own private shaded beach area or umbrella at the park. At, you can find savings not only on admission but also some of these fun upgrades as well, so be sure to register today!

Discounts on Typhoon Lagoon

Blizzard Beach Discounts

Disney World offers not one but two water parks with the addition of Blizzard Beach. Here you will find the Summit Plummet where you free-fall on one of the tallest body slides in the world located on Mount Gushmore. Your tiny family members will love Tike’s Peak with a polar-themed slides and activities, all in sizes that the littlest children will enjoy. Runoff Rapids has three distinctly different waterslides. Hop into an inner tube and try all three. Compete with your family and friends on the Toboggan Racers. The entire family can challenge each other with this eight-lane slide. Find delicious food at Avalunch or Lottawatta Lodge and parents can indulge in beer, wine or cocktails at the Polar PubChill. Before you pull on your swimsuit and grab your sunscreen, register for There, you will find savings on admission and other amenities within the park.

Discounts on Blizzard Beach

Legoland Discounts

With eight theme parks to choose from, Legoland is truly a global attraction. Every Legoland location offers fun family rides, exciting live entertainment and more. They even offer water parks so your family can cool off on those hot days. Get your driving license at the Ford Driving School or hop on The Dragon for some thrills. Peppa Pig and her friends will great you at the Legoland Florida location. The parks even offer building workshops where you can learn how to create outstanding Lego creations at home. The parks also offer outstanding dining options, and many have luxurious hotel accommodations on site. offers a wide range of savings for the many Legoland locations. No matter which site you plan to visit, be sure to register to get discounts on many of the things you plan to do while there.

Discounts on Legoland

Busch Gardens Discounts

A trip to Williamsburg, Virginia, is not complete without a visit to Busch Gardens. This one of the amusement parks where you can really get your adrenaline pumping. The Pantheon, the world’s tallest roller coaster is said to harness the speed and strength of five Roman gods while the Griffon offers a floorless seat with a 205-foot drop. Shoot along six mind blowing conversions in the Alpengeist or scream on the world’s only double interlocking loop coaster, the Loch Ness Monster. If slower rides are more your speed, hop on the Busch Gardens Railway or take a spin on the Kinder Karussel. Looking for water parks? You can get your splash on right in the Busch Gardens park by riding Escape from Pompeii, Le Scoot or Roman Rapids. Need something a little more relaxed? Enjoy a scenic trip on the Rhine River Cruise. The little ones in your group will love Sesame Street Forest of Fun, Land of Dragons and the many other kid-friendly rides. Take in some live entertainment including Celtic Fyre, Oktoberzest, Bel Concertino and Sesame Street’s Sunny Day Celebration. By registering with, you can save on admission and some of the extras available within the park as well.

Discounts on Busch Gardens

Six Flags Discounts

The name of the Six Flags amusements parks came from the six countries that have governed Texas which include France, Mexico, the Republic of Texas, Spain, the United States and even the Confederate States of America. The first park opened in Arlington, Texas in 1961 with additional parks opening in Houston, New Jersey, Georgia, California, Illinois and in other areas as the company acquired additional theme parks. The company eventually expanded overseas as well. Although some parks that wore originally Six Flags brand have closed down, many still remain open and active, attracting millions of visitors each year. The parks feature many rides from exciting roller coasters to fun family rides. There are many rides designed specifically for small children as well as several water rides to help you cool off when the weather is warm. The park has a wide variety of live shows and you can satisfy any craving with their plethora of dining options. can help you save on your admission to many Six Flags parks.

Discounts on Six Flags

Universal Studios Discounts

With two theme parks to choose from one in California and one in Florida, Universal Studios tests your limit on thrills. Harry Potter fans will want to visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter where they can avoid a dragon’s breath, visit Diagon Alley, sip some butter beer and immerse themselves in Hogwarts. The Transformers ride in 3D is also a must try when in Universal Studios. You can even take a tour of a Hollywood movie set to get a behind the scenes look on how television shows and movies are created. Before heading to Universal Studios, however, you want to sign up for where you can save on a three-park explorer ticket that will let you not only visit Universal Studios, but Islands of Adventure and Volcano Bay, the water parks connected to Universal.

Discounts on Universal Studios

Zoos Discounts

Everyone loves going to the zoo where you can see wild animals and learn more about them as well as their habitat. The San Diego Zoo is one of the largest in the world, integrating wildlife healthcare, science and education to promote conservation. The Colchester Zoo in the United Kingdom is home to 180 species housed in different habitats. This zoo also has a strong conservation focus. Zoo Miami is the largest zoo in Florida and the fifth largest in the country. The only subtropical zoo in the contiguous United States, Zoo Miami has animals grouped by their geographic territories with trees, soil and foliage to match. offers savings to these zoos and more. There is no registration fee and you can begin saving immediately.

Discounts on Zoos

Museums Discounts

No matter what your interests are, you can find a museum that will provide you with the history of those interests. The Museums of Illusions, for example, offers intriguing experiences that trick you in many ways. Explore optical, photo and sensory illusions throughout the museum with exhibits like the Infinity Room, Reverse Room, Beuchet Chair Illusion and more. Some of the most famous museums that you may not have even realized were museums include the Vatican, Sistine Chapel, the Louvre and more. If you enjoy learning about history, science or even unique things like illusions, sign up for today to begin saving on your next museum visit.

Discounts on Museums

Water Parks Discounts

Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon might be the best known water parks, but there are hundreds more that offer ways for your family to splash in the water. Nashville Shores Waterpark, located along Percy Priest Lake, offers a giant wave pool, eight exciting water slides and Kowabunga Beach, a giant treehouse and playground nestled inside the park. Adventure Cove Waterpark offers high-speed twisting slides, a giant funnel slide and a pool with fun challenges like rope climbs. Here, you can also encounter dolphins and stingrays. These waterparks and more are available at a discount just by signing up for

Discounts on Waterparks